My Nomination Goes To..!

Lily is one of the best girls you will ever meet. I am really lucky to call her my friend although, were more like family. Our friendship is so great that not one picture could sum up our friendship because they say that a picture is worth a thousand words and.. you get the rest. Every […]

Beneath our Skin..

  Judging somebody doesn’t define who they are, it defines who you are. So why do you still tell people that they are worthless or ugly. Look at yourself in the mirror. Take away all you imperfection or differences. We are all the SAME. Beneath our skin, we are all bones that are just trying […]


Photograph: Julian Gambia Gambella Elementary School, Gambella, Ethiopia Fertility rate – 4.4 Life expectancy at birth – 58 Population on less than $2 a day – 78% Primary age children not  in school – 17% Youth literacy-  44.6% In this picture, I see all the kids shoulder to shoulder, just trying to get a glimpse of the board. […]

Chances for Leadership

I go to a wonderful school in the beautiful state of Oregon. Every day I arrive and see the wonderful  sign that says, “Briggs Middle School”, which makes me feel welcomed. All day I try to be leader and set a good example for the younger, and even older, grades. Right now even, I’m trying to […]

Hobbies of Mine

Dear Visitors, I haven’t talked much about myself in a while. Well here you go.. You may have heard that I am into sports and game. Well it is definitely true. I love playing basketball, jumping on my trampoline, swimming and fishing or hunting. I have been playing basketball for 4 years and I still love it, although I […]


I could write on and on about memories. But to me, the definition of memories are a very exciting or emotional time in your life that you will not forget until you have to make room for new ones. Some memories are so powerful and meaningful that you will carry with you in your mind forever, if its the […]

Chair Lift

I’m ready and calm as the chair lift swoops in to take me up the mountain. My uncles and my own ski’s dangle down as we zoom off. I look up to see that the chair is hanging by a wire. Then I look around to see everything layered with beautiful white snow. My heart beat starts to get faster and faster as […]

About Oregon!

Here in Oregon, you have to actually see how beautiful it really is, to know. It is definitely a rainy state, but when the sun comes out, you’re sure to love it. Here are some gorgeous places to visit. The Oregon Coast in Florence is definitely one of my favorites, and it is very pretty, unless […]